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Why Choose Hexagon Research and Consulting?

Hexagon Research and Consulting’s main strength is the unique synergy of experience and skills brought to the company by its Directors and staff.

Experience, knowledge and skills
Together, Hexagon Research and Consulting’s three Directors have over 65 years of experience of working for and with the public and not-for-profit sectors. This experience ensures that our clients have access to, and benefit from, our combined knowledge and understanding of:

  • Political processes and the needs of elected politicians at national and local level
  • Scotland’s public sector and the public policy agenda
  • Working with public, voluntary, community and private sectors

A whole service approach
Hexagon Research and Consulting provides clients with a whole service approach by providing access to a full range of services at all stages of the policy cycle. We guarantee to provide all our clients with well researched and analysed evidence on which to base conclusions and optimum solutions through a combination of:

  • Effective consultation
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Challenging analysis and creative options appraisal
  • Stringent Evaluation

Responsiveness and reliability
Since being established in October 2004 Hexagon Research and Consulting has built up an extensive list of clients in all parts of the public sector and a solid reputation for reliability and responsiveness to their needs.

Creativity and Innovation
Hexagon Research and Consulting brings to all its projects a high level of creativity and creative skills based around the following positive attributes:

  • Innovative research frameworks
  • Flexibility and re-definition of paradigms
  • Being one-step ahead
  • Valuing and seeking out innovation and creativity

Fitness for Purpose
Given the complexity of the public sector policy agenda, Hexagon will use access to an extensive network of experienced associates, to build teams which are fit for purpose to produce tailored solutions to the most complex research needs. We have the capacity to build teams which have:

  • A wide range of specialist skills and practical experience in a wide range of disciplines
  • Extensive experience across the public sector
  • The ability to find positive solutions to complex problems
  • Knowledge of the most complex policy agendas

Added Value
Hexagon Research and Consulting are committed to providing clients with an added value and best value approach based on:

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Scottish public sector
  • Whole service approach and access to a full range of services at all stages of the policy cycle
  • Ability to provide innovative and positive solutions to complex problems
  • Creative solutions
  • Highest quality standards



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Monitoring and Evaluation

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